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e-GMAT Verbal- Jump from 33 to 41


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I recently got done with my GMAT exam and ended up with a score of 740 (Q-49, V-41). I owe a big part of my success to the e-GMAT team who helped in raising my verbal score from 33-34 to 38-41.

A brief background- I am an Indian by origin, a consultant by profession and a holder of Masters degree in Economics. I recently became a mom and therefore, decided to take a sabbatical from work. During this break, I revisited my dream to pursue MBA and decided to use this time to crack GMAT. Being a mother to a toddler who needs my constant attention, I wanted a course that would give me the flexibility to study at my own pace. Reading about e-GMATon GMATClub, I did not have to think much and signed up for the Verbal Online course.

Researching about various courses on the internet, I gained a fair knowledge about what each course was offering. And while, a lot of courses were very similar to each other in terms of SC rules and CR pre-thinking approach, one thing that set e-GMAT apart was its step-wise approach to each and every question in the verbal section. This helped me a lot as this eliminated a lot of guess work for me. Using this methodical approach, whenever I picked the answer choice, I knew my reasons for it. Moreover, one of the most important key take-aways from e-GMAT course was that it made me think from the examiner's point of view and made me aware of the common traps that GMAT lays down. This greatly influenced my accuracy rate.

In conclusion, e-GMAT is surely worth every penny and every second of time. It provides you with the best opportunity to improve your score. All you need is diligence and sincerity to follow and practise the course work.

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