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Flashback to July 2015: I have just returned from the test center after a forgettable GMAT, one that has raised serious questions over my basic knowledge of the English Language.
I was determined to make amends and by a happy coincidence, I came across E-GMAT on a certain gmat-club forum. What struck me about them back then was the simple procedure they used to arrive at VA solutions regardless of the question/question-type.
As a result, I further attended a few webinars and eventually decided to enroll to e-gmat Verbal Online course.A few lessons in, I was able to see a change in my approach towards GMAT questions. With regular practise, I learnt to apply [Logical Diagram - Prethink - Evaluate Answer Choices] effectively to all verbal question types and this simple practice helped improve my accuracy in a major way.
The course for VOL is broken down into several chapters with a mix of videos and PDFs, all of which contributed to a healthy learning experience. What I most enjoyed during my preparation was the pre-quiz & post-quiz for every chapter. These exercises along with the solution analyses really help with one's self-assessment(They helped in my case atleast and I was able to set targets for myself).
I was particularly impressed with the CR & RC sections of the course, the level of the questions in the practice files of these sections was spot on with regard to GMAT and I believe solving these helped me overcome my fear of the GMAT environment.
However, it is worth mentioning that a lower average response time to queries would be preferable. They take about 2 days to respond to queries, as of now.
All this said, I would certainly recommend e-gmat verbal to anyone who's looking for a carefully structured course to help prepare for the GMAT.

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