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I decided to take the GMAT a few months back I was exploring web for test preps. I am an engineer and people I know around me do not take GMAT that often, so web search was the best option I had to find the right course for me. Initially I got some books from another leading test prep service provider and I just realised that the verbal section was not doing it for me. People on GMAT Club say that it is easier to improve on SC, whereas no matter how much I tried, my growth in SC was stuck! So in my search for course for SC, I found some reviews of e-GMAT on GC and I decided to give it a try. Now, looking back, I am glad that I did!

Here are my thoughts on the overall course prep-

1. For verbal, e-GMAT is probably the most effective course prep for someone who is not a grammar nazi. Their meaning based approach actually works- its not just another jargon created by the test prep providers. The quality of questions are comparable to OG and the real exam, and the difficulty of the questions made me comfortable in facing any surprises in the verbal. Their focus on grammar is limited to absolute essential and the structured steps suggested in the course got ingrained into me as I moved ahead with the course. The pre-thinking approach they teach in CR seems long and counter-intuitive initially but it works like magic once you get a grasp on it.

2. Quant was already a stronger area for me because of my background but I felt that their quant section has a very good step by step approach to getting to harder level questions for someone for whom quant is a problem area.

3. Scholaranium is the platform that they use to develop test taking ability. Obviously the quizzes customisable by topic/difficulty, but on top of that they have adaptive ability quizzes to each of the area in verbal and quant to develop test taking ability. The metrics that they provide has a lot of data that can can be used to identify any weak area with concept, timing or difficulty and work on it.

4. The Sigma-X mocks that the course offers are very closely comparable to the real thing. My exam score very closely matches with my Sigma-X mock scores. In my opinion, the quality and difficulty of the questions are very much in line with the real thing.

5. Most importantly, the e-GMAT team is very approachable in every way. They arrange weekly webinars on various topics which are extremely effective. Plus, whenever I wrote to them for guidance, they have reverted quick with extremely valuable inputs on strategy, identifying weak areas and even helped me plan study routines at times. A couple of weeks before the exam, when I reached out to them, they actually helped me plan the full weeks leading up to the exam day! Honestly, this was not something I was even looking for when I subscribed to the course!

I am writing this review because I felt that the reviews I've read on GC helped me when I was exploring course to choose from and I believe my experience should help someone else too. I think if you are planning on taking the GMAT exam, you can't go wrong with e-GMAT. Period.

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