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Perfect blend of concept and strategy to boost your GMAT score


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I stumbled upon eGMAT while looking for some strategies from previous test takers to boost your GMAT score. I was overwhelmed by the amazing things eGMAT students had to say about the course and how it helped them structure their GMAT preparation. This really resonated with me since I was struggling with keeping a clear track of my preparation. I decided to attend an eGMAT webinar on pre-thinking for CR and that's when I knew that I was going to enroll into their course.

At first, I bought the Verbal online package and absolutely loved the focus on the basics. It's funny how much you can forget what you've learned in school and that became quite evident when I started the verbal course. What I found to be particularly useful was the blend of concept and strategy that eGMAT offered. I feel that very few, if any, GMAT prep companies offer this and thanks to eGMAT's pedagogy these strategies become second nature.

eGMAT's program definitely requires patience and though there were times I didn't understand why things were explained in such a detailed manner, it was essential to internalize the concepts and strategies.

Lastly, I feel that the eGMAT Quant prep is highly underrated. I never felt challenged by GMAT Quant but never managed to get to a Q50. It was only after going through Quant part of eGMAT that I managed to hit Q50 (despite the online whiteboard) so I definitely recommend not skipping the Quant section unless you are a math genius.

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