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Course Manhattan Prep GMAT Manhattan GMAT Private Tutoring

Instructor Ryan Starr

Location Seoul, Korea

Having already some tutoring experience with another big prep company I am able to distinguish a good tutor from a bad tutor. I have taken about 6 hours with my tutor in the other prep company and it has not brought me much, I guess my quant score improved by 2 or 3. This was because the tutor was focused on trying to teach me things I already knew and did not make much effort to find out where the problem is.

On the other hand, working with Ryan is more or less like going to see a doctor. He will try to get into your shoes and find everything that is wrong. In four hours of tutoring he has not taught me once any concept I could just learn in a guide, instead, he pointed out each and every problem I had and helped me to find a tailored solution. Some of the techniques prep companies teach to students do not all work for everyone, but Ryan knows it and helped me to build my own strategies.

But much more than helping me to build strategies, he has helped me to get into the mindset that gets people to score over 700 on the GMAT. He has initiated his so-called “epiphany”, and a week after I hit a 700 Q50V34 (before we started the tutoring I scored 610 Q45V28). Now I am able to look at more or less any GMAT question, see the traps and avoid them.

Also, Ryan is not someone here just to collect money, you can really feel that he takes pleasure in teaching. He is aware that tutoring is not cheap at all and will tell you to do the things where you do not need him on your own so that you can spend time with him on things that matter.

The return on investment was huge, I very strongly recommend Ryan!

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