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Hello Folks,

I am writing this review specifically to provide a review on the e-GMAT Verbal Online course and other Verbal pointers from my side.


Like most non-native speakers, I sucked at GMAT Verbal (still do a little bit, I guess). The first Verbal score I got was in late twenties, which was unacceptable since I had a target score range of 730-750. I figured that I need to score at least 37 on Verbal. I started off with OG and tried to figure out my weaknesses. Definitely SC was the weakest followed by RC and CR in that order.

I figured that I have to get hold of some concrete material to overcome these hurdles. After a lot of deliberation and a few demo classes with many service providers, I chose e-GMAT (I also got a set of GMATclub sets which were AWESOME!!!). The primary reason was an impressive live session I attended which was taken by Payal.
I had 2 months left but I didn't give my 100% to the course. The video lectures were quite amazing but I didn't go through all of them. I scored an occasional 37 or 38 and figured that I might be able to ace in the real test too. BIG Mistake!!!

I got a disappointing verbal result in my exam (aced quant though). And only I was to blame for this. I had to retake the test. This time I thought of giving my 100% to the course. I stuck with e-GMAT for no particular reason. Maybe deep down I felt that my low score was due to my infidelity to the course.
I went through each of the lectures and articles. Made some meticulous notes as well. The video explanations and mini quizzes between the lectures really enhance learning. Also the OG explanations provided are really helpful especially for SC. But the best part about e-GMAT was the Scholaranium tool. I was in love with the tool for its flexibility, explanations and detailed analysis. I made it a point to solve all the questions in the available pool.
This time, I was more confident. I had set myself a target of V40. To my pleasant surprise, I achieved just the same (should have aimed for V42 ;) ).

Apart from OG and a quick glance through MGMAT SC Guide, I didn't use any material for Verbal but for e-GMAT.
I can attribute at least a 6 point improvement of my verbal score to the e-GMAT Verbal Online course.

I would recommend this course to anyone who is targeting a 5-10 point improvement. Consider it this way, the course fee is same as the app fee of a good school. If you get a great score in GMAT, you may as well apply to one school less. So essentially you are not spending anything. :)

General Tips:

Don't be dejected if you get a pathetic verbal score in the initial days or any day for that matter.
You will be frustrated in between for the lack of progress. Keep calm and shut off for a day or two.
Make sure you keep notes - paper-pen, digital, highlighting, anything that works for you. It helps you retain stuff that you listen to.
Finally, practice a lot. Old adage, but true. Make sure practice 10-15 questions or more everyday. It gives you an idea about your accuracy. Try to practice one type on a day either SC or CR or RC. (IIn the GMAT you get approx 13-14 of each type so this helps you gauge your accuracy in each sub-section.

P.S. the folks were considerate enough to extend my subscription by a fortnight to accommodate my GMAT retake.

Pardon me for the long post and unorganized rambling. My head is spinning with my essays these days!

You can PM me for any queries.


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