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Hello everyone!

Here's my experience with e-GMAT so far.

My first attempt was on 13 July, 2013, and I scored a measly 570. As obvious as it was, the main culprit was the Verbal section. A score of 25 on verbal is enough to dampen spirits. Not that I fared better in Quant. I had the confidence that with enough practice I could crack quant but I wasn't sure about the Verbal section. Therefore, my search for a verbal prep course began. After a lot of research, I landed on the e-GMAT website and have never looked back since.

What impressed me most is the structured way of reasoning and the post assessment quiz each time I complete a topic. My apprehensions about CR and RC all stand negated and I am in a very positive frame of mind to give my second attempt.

I've been scoring a 35 + on the few mocks that I've taken. My ultimate aim is to cross the 700 mark and, with the hard work I've been putting in, I believe I can achieve the improbable.

For a Non Native who is struggling in verbal, e-GMATnis THE prep which will help him/her to achieve his/her target in verbal.

Wish me luck for my second attempt! I will be posting another detailed review of my struggle and what I have gone through once I take my second test.

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