June 24, 2020

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Highly Recommend Admissionado and Mark Lellouch


Mark Lellouch from Admissionado was crucial in getting me accepted into Berkeley Haas and LBS's full-time MBA programs! I highly recommend Mark.

Mark tries to lay the roadmap of pursuing an MBA. Mark asks you very tough questions about your BIG IDEA, which is essentially showing to schools that you're a business opportunity with extremely high potential. Additionally, Mark makes sure that this BIG IDEA is a realistic goal given your background and experience. It's important that your goals for doing an MBA align really with your past. This required some deep thinking and digging in the beginning. However, once your vision is clear, you're off and running.

Additionally, Mark has invaluable feedback to accurately answer essay prompts. With hands-on editing and extremely detailed comments, Mark transformed my approach to answering and conveying information in a clear and concise manner. I couldn't recognize the first draft from the final one.

Mark Lellouch is an excellent and experienced coach that is well worth the investment. I highly recommend Mark and Admissionado.

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