February 15, 2015

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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I am a non native speaker. As I was planning for MBA, I had given one GMAT in the month of Feb'14, without taking any course. The first attempt was good for Maths, having scored 49, while my Verbal took a hit, with score of just 27. In order to improve the Verbal, I had to improve in all sections SC, RC and CR, with more emphasis on SC and RC.

This is a typical challenge for non natives. I decided to retake GMAT with the help of E-GMAT Verbal Online. After taking this course, I realized most of the gaps that I might have had in the beginning of the year. I went through the well designed SC sections from e-GMAT, and improved significantly on that. The depth and granular details on e-GMAT SC is something outstanding. Its ing vs "ed" logic, the approach to SC question solving is a big help for not only non natives, such as myself, but perhaps also for natives. The detailed practive questions with explanatory videos something of cutting edge.

The approach and explanation for RC is also something that helped me improve upon my score. The time pacing, the skimming, key words logic, word meaning interpretation all these key approach points mentioned by e-GMAT for RC is something of much needed for non natives.

On the third section CR was also of significant help. Especially bold questions, Strengthen and weaken questions. The key tackle points mentioned within this sections are really good to know.

With all these I managed to improve verbal score from 27 to 34 within just 2 months of purchasing this course. It is really worth it and I thank e-GMAT for making this possible for non natives such as myself.

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