December 11, 2017

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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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Before I took the e-GMAT's verbal course I heard about how good it is but wasn't sure to put in more money for the prep material as I had already purchased Magoosh's prep course. After my first attempt I scored a mere 600/800 and was really disappointed. That's when I decided to purchase e-GMAT's verbal online course. It's truly the best verbal course out there. It justifies all the reviews placed here on the website that it's the best. I score 33 on verbal after my preparation from a 25, an 8 points improvement. I can't thank you e-gmat enough for helping me out. Their sentence correction techniques are really the best. It doesn't require you to learn, it requires you to understand the basics and a sentence correction question then looks like as if you're solving a basic math question. Yes, it makes it that easy. Their CR and RC courses are equally good. Although I had problems with understanding the arguments sometimes even after the course completion but my accuracy rate was improved a lot! I strongly recommend their verbal course.

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