June 09, 2014

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A Great course to boost verbal score in a limited tie


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

Location Online

Anyone aiming at a good score in GMAT verbal must go through the e-gmat course especially the sentence correction module.

I started preparing with the usual SC books and was able to reach a score of V 30 in mocks , I came across e-gmat course and enrolled and after going through the course material I really saw a great improvement in my verbal score. I took GMAT in may and scored 680 with a V 35 .

Plus points of the course:

1.Easy to assimilate video modules.
2.Course divided into smaller sections.
3.Extensive coverage of almost all topics covered in sc.
4.Prompt response my experts to any queries.
5. RC techniques taught are very useful too.

I would recommend e-gmat course to all students looking for score enhancement in verbal section.

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