May 10, 2020

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Inaccurate, misleading scoring possibly intended to deceive


Would avoid E-GMAT entirely and stick with TTP for prep and official gmat prep CATs for gauging your score range.

I had the same experience when taking their practice exam as part of the e-GMAT free trial. Before taking the practice exam, it requires you to submit your goal score. Can’t proceed without first inputting your targeted verbal and quant sub section scores. Ambitiously I inputted a near-perfect score (that’s my ultimate goal!) knowing that I’m not there yet. Then, I scored WAY below what I’ve scored historically (past few weeks) from other providers - veritas, economist, and GMATPrep official tests.

I suspect they are motivated to provide you with a lower score than your “target” so you’re incentivized to buy their prep course.

Another theory is that they provide questions solely at the difficulty level that you identify with your target score, so if you insert a very high level then you’ll get much more challenging questions and scoring will be skewed. That’s fine for prep, but if that’s the case they should note that at the outset.

In any case, would avoid these guys and stick with the trusted providers like TTP.

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