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Great service, highly recommend!


I know the first thing people balk at is the price point of the comprehensive package. However, I can say that it is definitely worth it as I got into Kellogg, my top choice for Round 2!

I specifically asked for Jen because of my sister's great experience with her, and she definitely exceeded all expectations. She quickly pinpointed my strengths and helped me develop a strong personal narrative. She was also very direct in her feedback, and always gave me her honest thoughts on my essays, which helped me present my story in the best possible way.

She was incredibly patient and responsive throughout the entire process. She always responded quickly, and would go through as many revisions as necessary until we both were happy with the final result. Finally, I could always count on her to answer my questions. In the very few cases when she didn't have an answer, she would go out of her way to ask fellow consultants to get me one.

I was thoroughly impressed by her commitment to helping me achieve my goals, and I wholeheartedly recommend Jen! It was a great experience and an extremely worthy investment!

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