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Brief review about the old and the new before the retest


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Online

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I am still currently going on with my preparation for GMAT with my exam scheduled on 17th June, so I'll only write a
short review about the course I have taken for now and the preparation. I will be writing a full detailed debrief on
how to prepare and how I went about it once I am done with the exam.

For the GMAT preparation I had already used Magoosh online course, Powerprep CR Bible and Manhattan Egmat books. I prepared for about a year,
although it wasn't a very regular preparation. I decided to take a mock before booking for the gmat date but could only score
560. After that I decided that I needed some more practice and a more structured approach. After scrolling through Gmat
Club reviews I decided to go with Egmat as it seemed to be the favorite choice among the students.

I took the Gmat Online course. I studied for 6 months- not very regularly again owing to office work, and completed the
Quants section completely but in the verbal section I could only complete it till sentence correction.I always read and
understand each thing like a scholar, probably that's why it takes me a little more time to understand each section, each
video and then apply it. This time I had already booked the exam. So, before the day arrived I could not complete the
CR and RC sections from the EGMAT course. Few days before the test, I just revised my old Manhattan and Powerprep CR Bible
notes and went on to give the test.

This time around I got a 620 in the test. Qaunts-45 and Verbal- 31, IR-6, AWA-5. I was not really satisfied as I held myself accountable
for not getting a convincing result as my target score was 740.I left the test for a few months and went about improving my
profile by completing a few certifications.As soon as I completed it, formulated a list of all the things which had led to my failure.
I shall be publishing the full list in my detailed debrief. But, the main highlight of the list was- I realised that any
failure is the result of a 'lack of consistency and accountability'. Once I fix these things I'll be well on my way to achieve my target
score. Also, even if I fail again, it does't matter because I would have improved a great deal from my earlier attempt.

You are not defeated when you fall down, you are defeated when you refuse to get up. With that in mind, I extended my egmat online course to 3 months,
with a target of consistency. I knew it's not about the content but my approach towards it.

So, far I found EGMAT to be the best course out on the internet for the simple fact that it is STRUCTURED.
There is a methodical approach in which you go about your scheme of things. The first section is the most important,
where you are told as to how to go about the course. Every section contains Videos in the form of concept files. After
you watch them and also solve some questions along with the instructor, you are introduced to the Application files.
Here, you are taught via video explanations on how to approach the actual gmat questions. Then you are introduced to the
application files where you solve time based questions. For the tougher questions video explanations are given and for others
the written explanations are really good and solidify the concepts clearly.
The course even has OG questions extracted per topic which can be solved online itself, by just referring the options from the
OG book.

After completing one module, you take an advanced timed test for that module. At each step of this process, you can track your progress
via your scores in each test. If you are not understanding a particular concept, you can refer back to that concept file,
else you can fine tune your ability by going to an excellent tool- SCHOLARANIUM. In scholaranium, you can create your own
customised test. You can choose easy, difficult or hard level questions, you can choose the time limit and You can even choose the topics
or subtopics that you would like to include in the set of questions.

After going through the course I can see a lot of improvement in my solving and understanding ability. The ESR report from the last test showed
an ability of 94% on SC which I had studied only from EGMAT. In the rest of CR and RC I got 33% each taking my score to 31.
I still have to write my test on 17th and hope to get to my target score this time around. Ps this is just a rough summary
and after the test I would be writing my complete journey- breaking it down into various phases from 560 to 620 and beyond,
how to go about things, how to ace Gmat for working professionals, the reasons for failures in any project in life,how
to fix things and achieve success and tips on each section of the test.

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June 09, 2019

Dear Raghav,

Thank you for taking the time to write your review. I truly appreciate the effort and wish you good luck for the test.