March 10, 2021

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Excellent Prep provider - beyond just an online prep provider


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Course e-GMAT Online Intensive

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e-GMAT is an excellent GMAT prep provider, which caters to all types of students - those starting out from scratch or for those who are taking the course to improve their existing level of proficiency. The pre-course diagnostic test helps students assess their current proficiency levels, which enables the student to pace his course work accordingly.

e-GMAT mentorship is a standout feature. An expert evaluates the various mock exam and other test scores to evaluate the strong and weak areas and would suggest correction course of action. My mentor, Dhananjay, analyzed my mock and other test scores and intervened at the right time to provide the right direction. He specifically identified my weak areas and provided a plan to improve my scores in those areas, the results of which was visible.

I seek to retake my GMAT after scoring a 700, and Dhananjay continues to provide his insights on the retake plan, which is commendable.

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