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I started my GMAT preparation in late November 2017. I started with official Guides. While solving the OGs I understood that I was terrible in SC and CR. So, I purchased Manhattan SC, CR, RC and IR books (2 Hard copy and 2 Kindle edition). I went through the Manhattan SC and CR books thoroughly and even made notes. I had a fair idea of the rules, but was faltering in applying them.

By June, ISB and IIMs had informed their application deadlines. So, I picked up the pace of preparation. By this time I was actively interacting in GMATClub forum and came to know about e-GMAT. I made a free account and attended almost all webinars. On my request they even provided me with the previous webinar recordings.

My first attempt in GMAT was in July end and did terribly bad. I only got 640 (Q47, V32). I took quant first and mismanaged time, so much that I had to select random answers for the last 5 questions just to complete the test. I was quite disheartened and that affected the verbal part too. I needed to improve my GMAT score to even have any chance of interview call from the B Schools.

I understood that as I scored Q47 with 5 guessed answer, I could have done much better there had I not mismanaged time. But there was no justification for scoring V32. That clearly indicated conceptual gaps. I was already familiar with the learning methods of e-GMAT so I subscribed to their verbal online course. The best part that came with the subscription was access to 25 Quant and 9 Verbal CATs of GMATClub.

I had only 5 weeks in my hand for the next GMAT test. I am an avid reader and my retention is reasonable. So, I emphasised on SC and CR part more than the RC section of e-GMAT Verbal online. I completed the video lessons and quizzes of SC and CR section. I could not complete the RC part totally. But I attempted all the CATs of GMATClub.

I also read all the articles on quant which were published by e-GMAT in GMATClub. I attempted most of the questions. I went through the details of the solutions of the questions I attempted, irrespective of whether I answered them right or wrong. After certain time, I found that my quant score was coming consistently in the range of 49-50 and my verbal score also improved.

While going through the verbal online course, initially I solved questions step by step as directed in the video lessons. But gradually, I had built some kind of intuition. I could check 2-3 aspects at once and it increased my speed in SC. The pre-thinking approach to CR also helped me a lot. Previously I was checking the answer choices again and again and still fumbling, but with pre-thinking, I could narrow down the choices and hence save on time considerably.

In the second attempt when the exam finished the score of Q49, V38 flashed in my screen. I was happy to score 710 from 640 in 5 weeks. I think had I subscribed to e-GMAT verbal online few more weeks back, I might have scored above V40.

I would highly praise e-GMAT team for the care, the step by step guidance and the follow up about their student’s progress. Even though I am done with GMAT test for the time being, I would finish the full course once I am free of the application processes. It is going to be very beneficial for future.

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