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A reliable companion along your journey toward a top MBA


Thanks to Scott's support, I have secured admission to HBS ($$), Wharton ($$), and Kellogg ($$$). I greatly appreciate Scott's support during my whole application process!

Scott is very professional: despite our time difference (I'm an international application), Scott always ensure timely response to my question / request. When he can't, he would let me know in advance and propose a suitable timeline.

Scott is very experienced and rest assured that you can trust his knowledge on MBA applications, whether it's about what the Adcom focuses on or what differentiates each school. As I was applying to multiple schools, some obviously are different from others. Scott was able to make sure I know how to present myself and put myself in the best possible position. While Scott didn't change my life story or career goal in any way, he did help me better tell it to the Adcom.

Finally, Scott didn't try to act like he knew everything, as he introduced his connections that are more familiar with specific school's interview process as we were preparing for the final interviews.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience work with Scott and would highly recommend Personal MBA Coach for anyone who's considering an MBA consultant!

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