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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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Intro: I'm an entrepreneur based out of India and I am applying to the Top 5 US programs. My aim was to get a 700+ score.

I scored a 730 (Q50, V39) on the GMAT recently (Oct 09 2013) and I can't thank the e-GMAT course enough.

I had started my preparation a little late for R1 and first decided to go for a quick fire preparation method and chose the GMAT pill but saw absolutely no improvement in my performance (from GMAT Prep 1 to GMAT Prep 2) and that's when I started looking for alternate verbal programs . I specifically needed a Verbal program because I'd scored V29 in my GMATPrep.

After reading the great reviews of e-GMAT on GMAT Club, I enrolled for the Sentence Correction Course on e-GMAT.
I must say, in less than 4 days , I noticed a difference in my accuracy while attempting the OG '13 questions.

After finishing just 2 levels of the Sentence Correction, my Verbal scores jumped by around 5 points and I was extremely pleased as the number of SC mistakes per mock test dropped from 8 per test to less than 4 per test.

With the improvement I saw in SC, I quickly upgraded to the LIVE Course (I got a top up for $99 as it was the end of the month special).

The CR course really helped get my thought process right and fixed my CR basics problem. I had fortunately analyzed that I made 70% of my mistakes in the Weaken and Inference CR questions and I dedicated my CR preparation to these particular modules.

Another advantage with the CR approach of e-GMAT is that it REALLY helps you think through the AWA part of the GMAT as well and I was fortunate to score a 6.0

(I didn't bother with the RC as I'm a firm believer than RC can't improve overnight.)

The Integrated Reasoning section of e-GMAT is extremely detailed and covers a large number of problems of varied types but I would personally advise you to use it only if you specifically have issues with a particular type of problem. Otherwise, the GMAT prep questions are more than enough (I scored an 8).

Also, the e-GMAT Customer support is great and they are very quick to respond to emails and clarifications.

I suggest you use the course (watch the videos and attempt the pre and post tests) to get your basics right and practice from the Official Guide.

Overall, I would highly recommend the e-GMAT course to EVERY non-native . It's a great investment for a high Verbal score and I am sure you can easily have an 8+ point improvement in Verbal using their course.


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