August 13, 2020

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Course e-GMAT Mentorship

Instructor Ashutosh

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eGMAT Mentorship is a GMAT experience with a human face. It can be challenging to have a tight study schedule with competing work and family obligations. In such a situation, eGMAT mentorship is a saviour because it not only saves you time by providing you with a clear path to achieve your GMAT goals but also keeps you motivated and pulls you back when you are going off the course. This in particular is key as consistency is the most important factor for the GMAT.

The eGMAT online platform is also one of the best I have seen so far:

· The way the course is designed e.g. it is very easy to listen to all the theory through videos and then practise on files through various quizzes to cement the concepts.

· The SIGMA mock tests give you analytics on time taken per question and section of the GMAT. This is as close to the ESR as you can get. This was crucial for me and my mentors to understand what was happening to me in the test mode and devise a strategy to get over my areas of weakness.

* I was skeptical about my scope to improve on Quant but eGMAT made it possible. Without the exceptional support and guidance from Karan and Ashutosh, I do not think this would be possible.

If you have limited time and are keen to get a good score, I would recommend the eGMAT mentorship program without a doubt. I owe my score almost entirely to them. My only regret is, I wish I had found them earlier.

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