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I began my test preparation with a diagnostic test. Despite a full-time career in a quantitative role, I quickly realized regression analysis and microsoft excel shortcuts don't translate 1:1 to a quality quant score, and quant was revealed as my greatest weakness. After reading through some of the glowing reviews on here, I decided to give the free trial of TTP a try. Early on I liked the format. The structure of really learning the concepts tested on the GMAT through lecture and then repetitive practice really resonated with me. Additionally, as someone with better short-term memory than long-term, by bringing back old concepts each chapter with the review test, everything was kept fresh in my mind. I ended up scoring a 49 in quant, and I owe it all to TTP. If you are struggling with quant, give the free trial a go at least to see if the format gels as well with you as it did with me. Good luck!

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