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I am a non-native English speaker. As an Engineer with good quant skills, i was specifically looking to improve my verbal.After my first attempt at GMAT i could manage a pathetic 25 in Verbal which hampered my chances of applying to a good B school.
After going through reviews of various online materials available, I selected e-gmat verbal prep course because i had heard about their great video lectures of SC concepts and " pre-thinking" concepts in CR. my verbal score improved to 37 and i would surely credit e-gmat for this change.
Let me share my experience of e-gmat. I will analyze my experience of verbal by further breaking up into SC, CR and RC experience

1> SC experience -If you don't know the technical grammar terms such as participial phrase, gerund phrase or prepositional phrase, don't worry at all . e-gmat has their own way of explaining these modifiers to the extent that you can clearly build your concepts. Their analysis of question while solving SC problem is a big take away . You should read the complete sentence rather than just the underlined part, a mistake that i was doing before .

2> CR - Pre thinking changed the way i used to look at CR before . Their analysis of breaking the argument into premise and conclusion helped me a lot. My accuracy in CR improved from 60% to 80% .

3> RC - the step by step method of analyzing a passage and summarizing it helped me a lot to improve RC. if there is any section of verbal which is very uncertain, it is RC section. Different level of passages from schloaranium helped me improve my reading speed and attack the questions in a better way. i could summarize the main point in my own words more effectively.

If you are looking to improve your GMAT score , why not join e-gmat online course and progress and improve at your own pace . Rajat and Payal are awesome and cool teachers who will make sure they clear all your doubts. their webinar are really helpful and i suggest people should attend some of the webinar .

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