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e-GMAT:The view of a non-native test taker!


Improvement 120 Points

Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

Location Online

Style of teaching:
•The courses are well paced and I personally felt that they were a bit slow.
•The good thing about e-GMAT is the retention rate of the information.Everything is so structured and systematic that you will be able to understand the toughest of concepts with ease.
•The courses are taught by instructors of Indian background.So I(being an Indian) felt this accent to be very comfortable.
Rating for Style of teaching:4.5/5
Quality of curriculum:
•They have extensively covered all the concepts of Verbal.One thing is for sure,they did their homework ;) All major models of SC,RC and CR are identified and are dealt in different modules.
Rating for Style of teaching:4.5/5
Quality of Tests:
•There are three types of tests,
1)Post assessment quiz after the lesson.This is ensure that you understood the concept clearly.[Typically 6-7 questions per quiz]
2)Practice quiz:This is to ensure you get enough practice.[Typically 7-8 questions per quiz]
3)Application quiz:This is to ensure you can apply this module to GMAT like questions.[Typically 4-5 questions]
Rating for tests:5/5
•I think this is one area e-GMAT is lagging behind.Currently their modules are available only on PC.No mobile app is available and we cannot access their lessons on mobile browser too.
•Their modules are based on flash players and I faced few difficulties some times.But every time I faced some difficulty,e-GMAT tech team came to the rescue in no time :)
Rating of Tech:3/5
Improvement of Score:
•e-GMAT helped me improve my score by 120 points.I got a 610 in my initial diagnostic[Q50,V22] and I scored a 730 in my actual test[Q51,V36].
•Overall I would definitely recommend e-GMAT if you want to improve your verbal score.
Overall Rating:5/5

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