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GMAT bug bit me few months back. I badly wanted to ace this exam. When I started preparing on my own for the exam I felt the quant section was easy to crack but the verbal section was very hard for me. I read Powerscore bible for CR and MGMAT SC for SC , but I didn't see any improvement. Then after a lot of research and reading a lot of reviews I have decided to take e-GMAT's verbal live prep course. Frankly speaking I was skeptical at the inception , but after I attended the live classes I came to know how wrong I was. Their course design is commendable. During a session the instructor will discuss about a couple of easy, medium and difficult questions about the topic of the day. If its an SC topic the instructor will explain how to solve (Yes solve !!!! you can solve a verbal question) an SC question using the e-GMAT's 3 Step Process. If its an CR topic the instructor will explain about a technique called Pre-Thinking. The 3 step process and Pre-Thinking technique really helped me to improve in verbal section. The live sessions even work with a minimal internet connection. When you take the Verbal Live Prep course you will get access for 6 months ( The e-GMAT will also extend the access for free for some unforeseen scenarios :) ). You can attend any live session multiple times till your access expires. You will also have access to view recordings of the completed sessions. From e-GMAT You will get a reminder mail about the sessions impending few days in advance. Believe it or not Verbal-Live Prep course is very economical. If you take a MGMAT or Veritas prep course you have to spend a lot of money and there is no compulsory that you will have an improvement. e-GMAT's Verbal Live Prep course comes with a 4 point guarantee. What ?! they also give a guarantee? is there anything the e-GMAT wont give? Well e-GMAT gives everything that is there to give. You will also have access to Verbal Online course and to their coveted tool Scholanarium, which helped me to identify my weak spots.

Whenever I had posted a query in their forums the e-GMAT instructors wrote back to me with in 1 or 2 days and they also gave me couple of good suggestions. e-GMAT's admins are also altruistic. They answered all my queries with in 1 or 2 days.

Thank you e-GMAT for your support. I highly recommend e-GMAT's Verbal Live Prep Course to my fellow GMAT test takers. There is nothing like e-GMAT.

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