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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I would like to give a review of the e-gmat course I undertook while studying for GMAT .I gave the gmat on 11 Oct and scored a 750 AWA 6.Since I am a non native speaker SC was the weakest link. So for most part of my prep I was working on SC and e-gmat course helped me the most.

1. Really liked the course structure, which is organized in increasing difficulty level.It is divided into three parts (level 1,level2 and level3) and the content gets more detailed in each level.Liked this structure much more than the one followed by other books where all the content is at one place ( a full chapter on verb tense etc).
2. Each tutorial starts with a set of questions so one can gauge his level before proceeding and similarly end with a test.Only after passing the level can one go to the next level.
3. Prompt and clear replies from the instructor (Payal).
4.The lectures are very well organized and slowly builds the understanding.
5. Has a decent set of GMAT like questions ,I didn't find any question that was copied from some other source, though I think the team should add more.
6. Only $39 for a three month course.Return on Investment is very high.
7. Though the course is only for SC, the admin (Rajat) spent a lot of his time in giving me admission prep tips which
were really helpful.

1. The UGE files (extra question bank) took quite a lot amount of time.
2.The browser crashed a couple of time while attempting the interactive questions in the tutorials.
3. Some of the questions during the a/v presentation were far too easy and straightforward.They should try to make it a bit more tricky.
4. Idioms ... Idioms ...Idioms ... they are probably the biggest problems for non native speakers ... The course should include more tutorials and questions on idioms.

In all I can say I really like this course and is definitely worth the investment.

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