October 24, 2018

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Course e-GMAT Quant Online

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Thanks to Gmat Club, where I found about this amazing online course -- E-gmat. Although coming from an Engineering background, owing to last couple of years working in management field, I wasn't great in Quant like many others. The E-gmat's quant course is to the point, nothing more than what is required to ace in GMAT. Number Properties was one of my biggest weakness in quant, but after going through the lessons, I gradually increased my accuracy from mere 30% to 80%. The practise exercises and the explanations for every question are so amazing. It really helped me built up on my concepts. The other thing that I absolutely love is the scholaranium. Giving ability tests of each topics make you realise where you are lagging behind. My GMAT exam is in a week now, will update you all with my final scores and how much I improved at last from this course.

All the best to you all.

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