September 21, 2020

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I started preparing for my GMAT exam on 2nd June '20. I bought GMAT OG and downloaded last year's Verbal and Quant Review. Being an engineering student, quant appeared quite simple to me. I completed the PS and DS questions of OG within 2 days and took another 3 days to complete the Quant Review from GMAC. I was always weak in verbal so I decided 2 day each for each of the 3 topics, which consumed 1 week's time, leaving me with 3 weeks for my GMAT exam. I proceeded with GMAC Verbal Review and took another week to finish it and learn/revise important concepts. The second last week was spent studying IR and viewing some videos and courses on Udemy and Magoosh. Magoosh Idioms guide was a blessing in disguise. I spent the last week revising the concepts and took rest for 2 days before the big day.

Finally the day arrived, I was pretty chill as I had no particular expectations in mind. PS: Hadn't given any practise tests as I was afraid to score low. Fast-forwarding to the exam slot, the moderator was quite chill and overall the process was smooth. Quant appeared easy to me as I breezed through the questions and finished the section within half an hour. The change of moderators was somewhat difficult as the new moderator kept pinging if everything was okay and my concentration broke on some verbal questions. After all, I scored a 710 (q51 v34).

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