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It’s been a long time since I started studying for GMAT. My 1st attempt was in Aug 2014, and I managed a meager 610 (V25 Q49) then. While I found Quant to be easier than what I expected, the verbal part was a complete disaster. I was simply clueless in several SC and CR questions in the exam and had to make random guesses on most of them. I mainly trusted the popular guides for SC & CR and practiced from OG & VR.

From my experience what I have learnt is that these books could teach me the concepts well, but when it came to applying the concepts within a rigorous time frame, I utterly failed. This is where the e-gmat verbal online course came to my rescue. Inspired by numerous reviews on gmatclub, I opted for it in Sep 2014. Unfortunately, because of some unexpected work load I could hardly study for the next 3-4 months, but the e-gmat team was considerate enough to extend my subscription several times.

The key features which I like most are as follows:
The SC 3-step process seems to be time consuming at the beginning, but after researching with a no. of methods from other popular courses, I can confidently claim that it’s the most effective one.
The pre-thinking approach in CR, which is explained in minute details for every CR question type through a no. of concept files and application files, has helped me to achieve greater accuracy and speed.
In RC, apart from the various reading strategies discussed, I like the quality collection of RC passages in their database. The RC passages and questions are very much representative of the official materials.
Last but not the least, the Scholaranium, launched recently is simply a revolution, a must-have for any gmat-aspirant. Its various features such as brilliant database of questions, the ability quizzes, takt time calculation, topic wise assessments, detailed explanations, and so on can help anyone track his/her progress in the most effective manner.
I will appear for my second attempt soon and hopefully will be back with a success story.

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