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Best Verbal Course Online


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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A detailed post of my preparation is here:

I will keep it brief for this review.

I found e-gmat course to be very comprehensive in that it covers all the topics and subtopics in both verbal and quant. The course content is organized very well to gradually build and improve your skill in a particular topic - be it quant or verbal.

The verbal section of e-gmat deserves a special mention because of the below reasons:

1. I found e-gmat verbal course very methodical in its approach while teaching concepts. For example, sentence correction lessons start with basic building blocks - verbs / nouns / modifiers and then move gradually into complex structures such as 'noun' + 'noun modifiers'.

2. Course teaches you how to dissect large sentences and understand the meaning to spot errors quickly. Most importantly, the course teaches grammar in simple words. All the esoteric words and grammar jargon are avoided while teaching sentence correction

3. THE BEST course for CRITICAL REASONING. I couldn't find better critical reasoning questions than the ones I saw in e-gmat. The CR section of the course is designed very cleverly. It gradually builds the concepts starting from premise, conclusion, intermediate conclusion and then moves to inference, assumption etc. If you practice 3 step process, your accuracy in critical reasoning improves magically. My accuracy/ability in critical reasoning was upwards of 80% after completing this course. Believe me - scoring 80% and above in tough critical reasoning questions will give you immense confidence.

3. Reading comprehension strategies presented are awesome. I should say none of those are new, but what this course does is - it teaches you how to trick your mind in to believing that the RC passage is very interesting. You will automatically start paying more attention and grasping the passage quickly. Strong foundation in critical reasoning and ability to understand complex sentences quickly are the key skills needed for scoring high on reading comprehension. e-gmat course builds both these skills gradually in SC and CR sections.

4.SCHOLARANIUM - I need not talk about this. It is the most widely celebrated testing platform and for a reason.
Overall, the course gives you 200% return on investment.

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