March 17, 2017

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Harshad - Life Saver!


Things you shouldn't do during the MBA application process:
- Wait until 3 weeks before the deadline to start your essay
- Not have schools picked out that fit your profile

I took longer than expected to get my GMAT score to where I wanted it to be. Round 1 passed and Round 2 was quickly approaching and I freaked out. It's been ages since I've applied to schools and I wanted someone to help me through this process. With only 3 weeks until Round 2 deadlines, many other admissions consultants said that it was impossible or would refuse to help me, which was totally understandable given the short notice. I was luckily paired with Harshad and he was certainly the life raft that I needed to complete my application. We started with a brainstorming document where I listed my background and all my experiences. After reading the document and meeting with Harshad, He had a very good idea about who I was and how to present myself to each school. Since we were on a very tight deadline, he gave me a strict timeline and assured me that if I stuck with the timeline, we would be on target. He worked tirelessly to provide feedback and edits; some of his turnaround times were less than 1 day! I submitted all 3 of my applications on time and I received interviews from all 3 schools. I've already been accepted with a 75% scholarship from one school and I am still waiting to hear back from the others. I can honestly say I could not have done this without Harshad keeping me on track and helping me tell my story in a succinct, coherent fashion.

School update: Accepted to all three schools - including a 50% scholarship at a top 25 school!

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