December 02, 2019

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Alex has helped me to get into INSEAD


I owe Alex a big thanks for being accepted at my target school (INSEAD). I cannot express by words how much Alex was helpful during my application process and frankly speaking I could not have made it without his help.

I struggled enormously with my academics, sat multiple times for GMAT and GRE, and fought hard to reach ‘average’ of my class. I failed. From academics’ point of view, I did not make it. I even delayed my application by one year because I was so desperately not able to cross GMAT/GRE threshold that I felt ashamed to apply with my scores.

That is when I met Alex (thanks to GMATClub) and after just one consultation my mind towards the whole application process changed. He could have easily thrown me into the bin as others ‘lower academics’ guys sometimes experience, but he did very opposite.

Alex was a tutor, consultant and guide in one person, helping me to address pillars upon which admission process on INSEAD is based on (Academic capacity, Leadership potential, Ability to contribute, and International motivation) while shadowing my weaknesses with strengths.

His service went much beyond what I expected at the beginning. He was always there for me when needed, answering to my questions promptly and providing insights reaching beyond MBA application (We consulted multiple times how it is at INSEAD, how recruiting works on campus, how to do campus exchange and so on...)

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