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I joined e-GMAT verbal and finished 90% of the SC topics. The e-GMAT verbal is very useful for basics building. It sets you up with an approach to start with. There are a lot of non-native speakers out there who have no idea on how to approach the sentence correction questions let alone the part where they try to understand. I should also warn you that If you have all the basics right then e-gmat might not be very efficient tool to get you to the V40. I was in V20(mocks) and moved to V25-26(mocks). So I would not mind spending a few bucks to improve 6 points. But, if you are already there in the 32+ range. I think all you need is practice. I practiced a lot of actual GMAT questions. Though scholaranium does provide a collection of 200-300 questions, I believe that the only questions that represent actual GMAT mentality is the GMAT questions itself. So I would say make use of GMAT Club a lot. The guys at GMAT Club are quite friendly and the people are ready to help you out.

TL DR (Too Long Didn't Read) - Good for non-native speakers and for people who have no approach; If you are already 32+ just look for other coaching institutes.

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