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Excellent Test Center
February 09 | 2012
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     By str1der 374 158
This review is for: * Pearson VUE GMAT Test Center
Location: New Delhi, India

I have taken two tests at this center - GMAT in 2008 and the PTE in 2011. Both times, I felt that the staff they have at the center is fantastic. They are very highly trained, speak proper English and are able to handle ambiguity very well.

The center itself is very very clean, and when I visited them to take the PTE, seems some renovation had taken place. They have a very clean washroom and adequate space to walk around. Even though the number of terminals is quite a bit, I didn't find any issues with sound and related disturbances.

It is very conveniently located - Just off the Green Park metro station. The complex in which it is located is easy to find and you may need to look around a bit to figure where the test center actually is.

I am thinking about re taking my GMAT for the final time, and am heavily inclined to test here rather than Chandigarh, which btw was a bad experience (Separate review).

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Test Centers Review
Not a very good center
February 09 | 2012
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     By str1der 374 158
This review is for: * Pearson VUE GMAT Test Center
Location: Online

I took my GMAT here last August. The center is located in an OK facility. Chandigarh is an extremely well planned city, so finding parking and locating the building is not an issue at all. However, the test center itself is a small portion of a larger facility, which does tests for other Pearson/Prometric products and also provides coaching to students. So there was a LOT of movement before i entered the testing room, and that is NOT ideal as it can really distract you. The testing facility itself is very small. About 4 terminals which are OK spaced but if compared to the Delhi center, appear cramped.

The invigilator is OK again. I had heard that she's very pretty and sweet, and I would say that is largely true. However, I am there to take an exam and not gawk at her. The lockers are again cramped and very inconvenient.

The worst experience about this center is that its TOO Cold. I actually started sneezing during the test, and I am highly averse to cold. So I basically didn't feel good during the test and ended up screwing it. I did ask them to lower the temperature, and in fact, I had worn a sweatshirt to take the test even though it was Summers. Still - I got that cold.

The second worst thing about this test center is the washroom. Its the common wash room of sorts, located OUTSIDE the test center and above the main facility - doesn't this violate Pearson's policy? I mean my driver was waiting for me outside, I could have might as well handed him my GMAT notes and taken and read them during the break. I went to the washroom without any supervisor.

The washroom itself is filthy and dysfunctional. So I would recommend you finish all your bowel movements at home.

All in all, a disappointing GMAT experience. Compared to Delhi, a center which has been functioning since 5+ years now, it left a bad taste in my mouth.

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1 Commented by anilhr on July 17, 2013
Parking facility : Test center conveniently located and was easy to find and if you are lost ask for "Jetking" center and everyone around that knows it.

There is more than enough space for the parking at this center.

Invigilator Reviews : Invigilator was polite and even gave me 2 pens to me though I haven't asked for it. You can even change the pens and your rough sheets at the time of break.

Environment : There are only 4 systems to work on so there is not much noise. It was quite. Yes, room was quite cold so asked to switch off the AC before entering the room.

Why would you retake the test here or in another location?
Yes, I took the test here twice!!

Do before test starting -- Please see the washroom before starting the test as it is located above test center and you have to go to another building next to it. So see the wash room before startng the test so as you don't waste the time.