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Thank you for improving my Verbal score from 19 to 32


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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By then, I have already attempted GMAT for 2 times but could not get a good score that I would have liked. I prepared from all the books that were available for Verbal (MGMAT, Kaplan, OG, Princeton), but I could not gain confidence in verbal section.

I worked hard to gain expertise on verbal section and only concentrated on Verbal. Though I was not confident in the first attempt, I felt that I could crack verbal in 2nd attempt. I was going well during the practice tests with a good verbal score and was gaining confidence in verbal. But I did not knew that I was never in the game and with pressure I totally screwed the test both times with scores of 23 & 19 in verbal. After so much of hard work and preparation, a score of 19 in verbal and 550 overall killed me.

Not giving up, I again started my preparation with the same books I had. I even joined a coaching class nearby but that class was not even worth of a single penny. Just when there was about 1 month for my test, my friend called me and told me that he received an e-mail from e-gmat course and he saw very good reviews for this course.

I told him that we would be getting so many mails of this kind and we cannot believe in all reviews. He told me that the course was offering few chapters for free and asked me to study those free courses and then decide whether to purchase or not( as I had experience in GMAT topics). I wanted to give a try and started off with the free courses that e-gmat provided. By the time I completed free chapters of SC section, I was very happy with the way they explained each detail of main topics especially meaning errors(I was weak in this).

Me and my friend purchased SC & CR sections as we were happy with the lessons. I completed the entire course of SC & CR within 3 weeks. After the course, I re-did OG questions and this time I knew why was I choosing a correct answer and dumping wrong answers. My confidence levels boosted with this and I was well-versed in the topics, which I was weak earlier. I was also able to solve CR questions within 2 minutes and gained a 80% accuracy in CR & 90% accuracy in SC.

On the day of the exam, after I completed my math section, I was relaxed this time during verbal. I marked answers with confidence and could find all the errors in SC & break down CR questions with ease. I could manager my time in each question and did not get tensed during verbal unlike my last attempts. I was confident that I would get a good score this time and I scored 32 in verbal & 48 in math, scoring an overall 650. I did not concentrate on math, if not I should have scored 50.

The things I liked about this course are:
1. The way they drilled down each topic and the explanation provided on each subject with an example, making it easy for non-native speakers to understand.
2. Providing examples and practice questions with answers at the end of the chapter.
3. Increasing level of questions, there by making us know at what level we are and our accuracy %.
4. Video tutorial with excellent presentation, making every topic interesting.
5. Their confidence in providing some main topics for free.

I would like to specially thank e-GMAT guys for helping me in improving my score and for providing such a wonderful course, which is helpful specially for non-native speakers.


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