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I always thought I was good at English. Verbal in GMAT is also English. Therefore, I thought I was good at GMAT verbal.
Which of the following will most likely weaken the author's conclusion mentioned above:
1. The author was high and blabberred anything.
2. The author is an engineer and generally engineers know nothing about English.
3. Thinking something about oneself does not trully make it a truth.
4. GMAT verbal is also written in English but is not neccesarily in English.
5. The author scored miserably in verbal last time he took his GMAT.

Well, what's the right answer guys? The point is verbal is entirely different from English. And I was shocked to see V28 the last time i gave the GMAT. I knew I had to look at this part of the exam from a different perspective. I started looking at some online courses that taught GMAT verbal in a way that is easier to comprehend and apply. That is how I bumped into e-GMAT verbal online course.

RC - No quick shortcuts from e-GMAT here. They want us to read properly and break down the passage into sentences. I learned that if I could focus on the subject and verb of each sentence, I undertood the passage more clearly. Yes, their approach takes time to absorb, but once you are comfortable with it, it becomes second nature. Before you realize it, you will be comprehending passages better and faster. Try it.

CR - I wish i could use this part of their course more aggressively. I did learn their prephrasing technique though. They ask us to think about the argument in our native language.

SC - This product is just amazing. I have been consistently scoring above 85% in SC. The SC part starts with the components of a basic sentence structure. I realized that once I had gone through their course, I could find more pearls from the Manhattan SC guide as well. I had read the Manhattan SC guide earlier, but could not grasp the advanced concepts. e-GMAT presented those concepts in a very easy way. That, I guess, is their motive too - to present SC concepts to non natives in a way the would understand well. Again, I recommend this product, even if one doesnt want to try RC and CR.

Hope my review helps others too. All the best for your GMAT.

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