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I'm a native speaker. Without any verbal practice I still got a V40. As with many other native speakers, our quant scores aren't very strong.

I wrote the GMAT for the first time and got a 690 which is identical to what I had on my GMAT prep tests.

After searching for a good score guarantee prep company Magoosh beat out the competition. The best part about going through all the Magoosh materials is that for every problem that you do there are video solutions. These solutions are in simple English and can be viewed up to 1.5 times in speed -- this means that every problem you do, you can see a video solution to the problem in under a minute. There wasn't a single problem that I did that I didn't understand why I got it incorrect after watching the videos.

Unfortunately, on test day, I didn't translate these efforts into much of a score improvement. My quant score improved by 4 points, my verbal by 2 points to q46 v42 and my new score was 720.

I'd still recommend this program to others because regardless of the program, on the final day it's just you and the test. My belief is that another prep company wouldn't have helped me do any better on the quant (I wanted 49+).

Also, I got my 99 refund back. Given the cost and the guarantee, even after looking at many alternatives, there wasn't anything that was close to Magoosh in overall value.

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