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During the first time I took the GMAT test, It was a average experience for me in verbal. I made a good score in Math (51M) and I finished this first part really confident. When I started the first question of verbal, I spent many time and I lost the main opportunity to have a good score. Unfortunatelly I knew E-gmat only few days before my the day of my test and I had not the enough time to learn the process to solve the questions as E-gmat does.
Only one day after my first attempt, I bought the Verbal Online Prep. It was one of my best investiments that I have done until today. Specially for the Sentence Correction (one of my principal weaknesses), I know that my improvement was something really significative. I passed from a begginer student level to a teacher level. I remember that when I had a tutor in person, she always made the correction with me and after the E-gmat course I can identify the errors in a way pretty similar to that of my tutor. But this course is actually video form of Manhattan

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