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60 point improvement with the mentorship program


Improvement 60 Points

Course e-GMAT Mentorship

Instructor Ashutosh

Location Online

e-GMAT's mentorship program was the X-factor in my reaching the 700 mark. When I approached e-GMAT to help me with the study plan it asked me to take a mock to benchmark my level. I scored 640 on the mock and the folks at e-GMAT helped me identify areas of improvement. During one such discussion I was told that e-GMAT had a mentorship program and that if I was interested I could join one. I was introduced to Ashutosh and he was considerate enough to mentor me even though it had been a month since he started mentoring a batch and had no place for an extra person.

Few of the features of the mentorship plan:

1. You are given a weekly plan detailing out what to study each day and how much time to spend on each. There were weekly check ins to gauge the progress. These really helped me stay focused and complete the assigned tasks as there was a sense of accomplishment
2. The batch would catch on a fortnightly basis to discuss problems and help each other out. Ashutosh would help us with various strategies and help course correct when someone got astray
3. Ashutosh was just a call away and he would always respond to calls/texts, no matter when I pinged him. He was really invested in my progress and helped me achieve what I did

The course content of e-GMAT is very well curated and covers everything one needs to ace the GMAT. Scholaranium is a wonderful tool to test your ability and track your progress. It has around a 1000 questions in each of Quant and Verbal and each GMAT question type is very well covered. Each question has a detailed solution/explanation and the best part is that it not only provides a detailed explanation for the correct answer choice, but also provides a detailed explanation for each wrong answer choice. One can post one’s queries on each and every question and get a detailed explanation within 24 hours. I am amazed by the level of commitment and knowledge each and every one at e-GMAT has. The analytics available helps you pinpoint your weak areas so that you could go back to the study material to improve.

Just today I was speaking to a colleague about GMAT and when he mentioned that SC was his weak area, I immediately recommended e-GMAT course to him. Such has been the impact e-GMAT had on my prep.

I highly recommend this course to all those who want to crack the GMAT. Right from the course content to the mentors and faculty, e-GMAT is a class apart.

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