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Weak quant? You need TTP!


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Prior to starting with TTP, I thought I would never get above Q45. I was never good at math, never liked it - it was a struggle.

My quant score fluctuated between Q40-Q43, and I was going through all the different GMAT prep providers and their free trials. I did not expect to find anything good enough worth spending money.

However, after free 5 day trial with TTP I immediately purchased another month. Reasons as follows:
- Every topic is explained so well, through a combination of theory explanation videos, huge amount of practice questions and very detailed debriefs for every question (which was incredibly helpful - as you understand immediately where you went wrong and don't make the same mistake again)
- The level of "difficulty" for every topic is slowly escalated, so you can work up your confidence at your own pace
- Every single topic has DOZENS of practice questions, so you can really master each topic
- TTP gives you your stats broken down by topic and sub-topic, showing you what you know well and what you don't know at all - helps you target your weakest points

With 1 month with TTP, I was able to get Q48 on the real exam - something I never thought I would be able to do!

TTP also has ever expanding library of verbal resources and I learned quite a few helpful CR techniques there!

Scott and his team have been great and supportive as well!

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