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The invaluable course for acing the GMAT


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Course e-GMAT Online Focused

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I registered for the E-GMAT course after 3 times failure of reaching 700+ GMAT. I was not happy with my score which is ranging from 600 to 670 in the most 3 recent times, and I decided to retake with the secret blade - E-GMAT . Prior to this, I did not believe in any course because I can achieve 750-760 while taking mock test at home. So, I thought that I can do so in the previous test, but I'm wrong. Personally, I feel that e-gmat is closed and detailed in explaining both RC and CR that I got the most improvement in the 4th test. After one month, I got 700 GMAT, and now I want to aim higher with the knowledge I learned from e-GMAT. Thanks to e-gmat! My next GMAT exam happens in the next one week. I am totally believed that I will get the 750+ this time because the first time I used e-GMAT, I even tried one half of the course.

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