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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I purchased E-gmat course around 4 months back. Being an Indian I'm good with qaunt. My verbal score in my mock test was pretty low. I was devastated by looking at my verbal score in my mock tests (V25 or something I don't remember actually). One of my senior suggested me to take E-gmat verbal course. I took verbal online course and started practicing all the modules in the course. The best thing about e-gmat is that it has the best user interface. In particular CR course is the easiest and interactive course. Their way of teaching the concepts using examples and then the practice files is well organized. There are around 1000 practice questions in the scholaranium which are similar to the actual GMAT questions. My competency has been increasing and I'm now confident with my verbal. Thanks to E-gmat and their support team. If anyone is not comfortable with verbal and don't know where to start with then I would suggest that E-gmat is the best place.

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