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Money minded shop. No effort by consultants on your profile


I worked with Julie and Claudia for a 3-school package. It was money down the drain. First, they started with a half-hearted intro call and sent me a questionnaire. They copy pasted my answers and called it my "action plan". Next, for all the essay editing, they just put 'Why?' and 'How?' after every paragraph and had no good content to suggest. My consultant didn't even bother to brainstorm essay content before beginning with a new school and gave no personal touch to my stories.

Besides general essay editing, they don't help much. Even when I asked about general school stuff via emails, they straight away refused to help without additional dollars. Many times, I used to get emails that I should take rush service for $250. It was very frustrating that they were more focused on selling more services than concentrating on improving my work.

Also, I wouldn't trust Admissionado's 5-star reviews on GMAT club. Most of them would turn out to be paid reviews. They also offered me a $100 discount on a service if I gave a positive review. I consulted with them on 3 schools - dinged everywhere. I did 4 schools separately - got invites from all of them. I would suggest reconsidering partnering up with them if you are new to this whole MBA admissions process as things may seem to be going great, but the results would speak differently.

************* ORIGINAL REVIEW **************
I have been using Admissionado's services for essay editing and resume preparation, and I can totally vouch for their services. I started my application process with zero knowledge of the essay writing techniques, but the way Claudia and Julie helped me to ease out the complete process made me confident in applying to multiple schools. Not only do they guide you with the school for which you are using their services, but the personalized action plan provided by them also helps you to work on other applications confidently.

Julie and Claudia are professional and friendly at the same time and are ready to help you with any needs during the application process. MBA applications can be a stressful exercise, but with Julie's skills and support, I was confident in the material I submitted for my applications.

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