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Hi GMATClub members,

After giving GMAT and achieving a miserable 640 score , with verbal only 28 , I made up my mind to enroll in formal online course instead of self-study.

I had few courses in my mind - but I was quite price-sensitive , so after weighing pros and cons of various course , I zeroed in on Magoosh , which was providing 40 points improvement guarantee .

I did not pay much heed to its Quant Part , so wont comment on that ; however its hard and very hard questions are superb if you are aiming for Q50-51

For Verbal , I completed this section with letter and spirit. It covers each and every aspect tested on GMAT , but somehow misses the 700+ question nuances and subtleness. The hard and very hard questions are somehow not GMAT type but more of a complicated version of 600+ level questions.

The best part about this course is - Email Assistance . You can ask your doubts anytime and the team will revert in no time . Very active , friendly and knowledgeable student - mentoring team.

Somehow , this course didn't work out for me .
This nowhere discounts the credibility of the course , because each one has its own unique study style . On top of that , you can always claim a refund.


PS I could not claim as I could not finish its Quant Part.

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