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I started my preparation 2 years back.
I took up a Manya Princeton course in bangalore, I ended up with a 620. Being very dissatisfied with the Verbal teaching, I was looking everywhere to build upon on my verbal, i had got a V27.

I took up the verbal online on @e-gmat, I must say I have never come across such organized and quality material which actually convinces you that the GMAT verbal is less about the English and more about logic. This idea is also portrayed by Veritas. First and foremost the PRE-Thinking in CR is a game changer, if you get a hold of it you can crack GMAT. My approach towards the E-Gmat content was good initially, but later i slacked a bit. I was overwhelmed by the content made available to me, and since I did not sign up for the Live Prep, I kinda lacked the execution skills for all the content given to me on the live prep. To this day I regret not having attended the live session. Realizing this I went onto sign up for the Live Prep to help me build my basics and practice, but sadly I was unable to attend even a single session due to some personal issues.
I want to mainly shed light on my 2nd attempt even after I took the course my score dint improve, and trust me I DO NOT attribute my failure to anybody but myself. I realized no matter how much knowledge I have, If I cant execute it well, there isnt much use, so instead of blaming coaching companies after failures I kept my faith and re invested in E-GMAT, I noticed, my failure areas are mainly due to lack of focus, stamina and concentration. If I had practiced my verbal skills a little longer I would've cracked the GMAT, but I hurried and screwed it up. This time I am going to use E-GMAT again, because they were kind enough give me an extension due to me not using my account for over 3 months, after subscribing. I have always had the winning formula with me since the begging I only failed to execute it. I look forward to some support in cracking the GMAT from Payal/Rajat and others this time. hopefully I post a great debrief soon with a V41 ! Thanks @e-gmat !

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