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Three Step approach which works


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I had been struggling with the GMAT prep for a long time now. First time I took my GMAT was in 2012 when I scored 650. Did great on Quant, but was miserable on Verbal. While answering the questions I was not really sure about any question if I answered correctly or not. During my first round, I started with classroom program at Princeton, and I used several sources to study (Princeton, MGMAT, Kaplan). Although these courses made me familiar with the type of questions, and the type of wrong answers. My approach to solving verbal question was still very basic - Read all the options and make sense which eventually didn't work so well.
After that I moved to States, and didn't study for couple years. Couple months back I started studying again for GMAT. I did my research and was looking for something which will specially focus on non-Natives as the familiarity and the way we look at Verbal question is way different than Natives.

I came across eGMAT course which was being marketed for the best course for non-natives. I decided to give it a shot and completed the free stuff eGMAT offers in the course and was quite impressed. I attended the free Live session on Strategy and SC eGMAT hosts every other weekend. This was the first time in the SC free webinar, I used the 3 step process being taught by Priya to solve a few questions. Phenomenal, for the first time I derived an answer to a SC problem, and was sure it is the right answer.
Although it took some time to apply the approach but that can get better with practice.
Wow, I was really impressed and immediately signed up for the eGMAT Live prep.

With my current prep going on my Verbal score has so far jumped from V23 to V34. I clearly know my week areas, and I have been selectively working towards improving on those. Thanks to Scholaranium(Offered by EGMAT) to help me understand my weaknesses.

The interactiveness the course provides is the best thing in the course,
The step by step process you learn to solve the Verbal question is truly phenomenal. A big fat thumbs up for the course

Also wanted to talk about e-GMAT Scholaranium
So far e-GMAT Scholaranium is the only platform I have come across which provides so good analysis and options that you can easily find your weak Areas and work on them.
The course has a segmented approach. We can choose RC/SC/CR and also which topics we want to test, and also the difficulty levels.
The Question pool is very good covering all topics & concepts.
All the Quizzes taken get saved and can be reviewed later as well.
 From this awesome platform, you can easily find your strong areas, and your weak areas and work towards improving your weak areas.
Thumps up to e-GMAT team for developing such a course.

I am going to take my GMAT in Feb First week, and I hope I can cross the V40 mark and score a 750. Thank you eGMAT.

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