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After having my first online GMAT revoked (and an agonising 3 week wait for retest eligibility) and rescheduling again when the physical whiteboard option was granted, happy to announce that I scored a 720 (Quant 49, Verbal 38; IR 7).
Official GMAT Practice 1 & 2 scores: 710 (Q47, V40) 730 (Q48, V41)
I am a native English speaker from Singapore. Until recent education reforms (after my time), the education system I was brought up in is known for being very test-oriented and that background has helped me retain most of the quant fundamentals despite it being ~11 years since I was in high school. But I needed a refresher and to have questions to grind with.
TTP, of course, comes highly recommended from Reddit for quant preparation. Kudos to them for a great interface that helps provide analytics on focus areas to make studying more efficient.
I used TTP for 3 weeks total (1 week trial and 2 weeks paid) before my test. With that short timeframe (and off a base of Q47-48), I was really trying to make sure I sustain that score range by not making silly mistakes and eliminating flukes. I didn’t use the TTP study plan as recommended but instead decided to go through only the chapter tests, beginning with the Easy, followed by Medium tests, and visiting the content only if I found I needed them.
I find Quant to be something you have to practise at consistently to hone your sharpness so TTP’s large question set base was very helpful to my preparation.
I neglected Verbal preparation (I was confident of a V40 at least) so that was a small mistake on my part that pulled down the overall score. Still, a 720 first attempt is something I’m reasonably happy with!

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