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By far the most popular and most effective way to apply to business school. Our admissions experts will help with every stage of the application process from constructing your personalized marketing plan to creating your essays with you to conducting mock interviews.

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     By lexielise 0 0
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Rachel Shelton

Rachel was my Essay Excellence consultant for my first ever MBA application as well as my Full School Package consultant. When I first started working with Rachel, I literally had no idea what I was doing. I didn't know anything about the world of MBA applications, I had no personal narrative formed, I didn't even know what to write in my resume.

Working with Rachel, I wrote some of the best essays of my life - essays that were both deeply true to who I am but also sharply tailored to the schools for which they were written. In the end (and because of Rachel's expert guidance), I've received full tuition merit fellowships at BOTH of my top choice schools, one of which is is a top 5 "ivy league" school.

Here are five reasons why you need Rachel as your admissions consultant:

1) She WILL bring out the best in you, and she'll do so by truly getting to know you. Not the MBA-applicant version of you, but the REAL you. I think she may know me better than my parents at this point. Rachel really takes the time to ask insightful and thought provoking questions - questions you've likely never considered before - in order to dig deep into what makes you tick. From there, she helps you craft a personal narrative that is truly compelling, unique, and organic to who you are, which makes the entire application and interviewing process exponentially easier. And the best part is, she does all of this without being prescriptive or telling you what to say or do.

In the end, all the ideas are yours, and that is crucial to sounding authentic in your applications and interviews.

2) She is an expert when it comes to the top schools. Like I said, I had no idea what I was getting into when I began the application process. Rachel will be your guru for understanding the mindset and values of the admissions committee reviewing your application. She'll make sure that your essays strike the perfect balance between showing how you are unique, and showing how you fit in at that specific school.

In short, I felt safe in her hands, and you should too.

3) She gives excellent feedback. Her feedback is truly insightful, unbiased, and CLEAR. She also gives you just enough of a push in the right direction to give you clear guidance without pushing you too hard into ideas that aren't yours. And since she knows you so darn well, she has this amazing ability to sense when you are forcing a point in your essay that isn't right for you, and can quickly help you course-correct before you have a stress melt down.

Basically, giving feedback is an art, and Rachel is Michelangelo.

4) She teaches you how to fish. That is, she doesn't just help you write specific essays or answer individual application questions - she teaches you how to think about and approach your applications as a whole. I was able to apply what she taught me for one school to all my other applications.

If you can't afford a consultant for every school, Rachel will be your Jedi Master and teach you the ways of the force.

5) She'll go above and beyond for you, even after applications are in. My work with Rachel ended months ago, and to this day she is still there for me whenever I need her, even just to help me pick out what to wear to my interviews. In fact, I recently needed to navigate a tricky correspondence with the admissions committee of one program, and Rachel gave me some great nuanced advice on how to approach the conversation. As someone else noted on this site, she really is a god-send.

All in all, worth every single penny.

P.S. It's also worth noting that Rachel is an awesome, fun, funny person who is wonderful to talk to and easy to get along with. Working with her made the grueling MBA application journey feel infinitely less painful. A huge plus in my book.


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Dreams Realized
April 07 | 2014
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     By Anonymous 105 -8
The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:

Yes - school of my dreams

This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Dia Draper

Besides my undergraduate program, my VP consultant is the single largest purchase that I have made to date. I was terrified at the thought of spending $5,000 which amounted to a little over 90% of my savings. Veritas has been my guardian angel during this process. I would have paid double had I known the lengths that she and VeritasPrep would go.

Let me reiterate this previous point by attaching a Thank You that I had written to Veritas about half way through the process: "I wanted to reiterate my thank you from earlier. My biggest fear going into this was not connecting with my consultant more deeply than a surface level; I would be yet another client among hundreds, and I'd be treated as a business transaction (understandably so).

I don't expect people to care as much as I do about this- this is much more to me than "I got into a top school!" It's the opportunity to look my mother in the eyes and tell her that everything is going to be okay, and the ability to look at myself in a mirror and whisper, "I did it."

Your passion is evident and I feel genuinely cared for. No matter the outcome of this journey, thank you."

I left this process with a much better understanding of who I am and what I want, and that is invaluable. Veritas has grown to be much more than a consultant and has inspired me to be a better person. I can not thank her enough, and I can not thank VP enough for putting us in touch and their continued support.

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     By Prabitha 0 0
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Rachel Shelton

Rachel is the BEST!! Words can’t describe the commitment and support I received from Rachel during the entire eMBA application process. Never knew there was so much detail to the application process with deadlines for each. From the first time I spoke to Rachel, I knew she had my needs and interests as a priority and was committed in helping me through the process. Rachel is extremely knowledgeable with the entire application process and has valuable insights on the requirements of various business schools. I loved her approach in getting me started with helping me write down both my short and long term professional goals with every single detail – though it was painful, I’m thankful for the exercise as it provided a clear vision and a path to my goals which helped align my applications and interviews to the vision. As a part of the process, she reviewed by resume, provided valuable feedback to showcase my strengths while still keeping it authentic to reflect my personality – best resume I have every had! With my goals and experience in mind, she made recommendations on the schools that best suit my needs, help lay-out the application submission plan with timelines, which helped greatly to reduce the stress as I now had a supportive partner and a plan that we were committed.

Her coaching style is friendly and personal, professional, detailed, supportive and transparent. She’s generous with her time, honest in her advice and extremely patient in bringing the best. When one of my essays did not address the requirements, she had me rethink the scenario and come up with a new essay that addressed the question. I applied to 2 schools and was accepted in both which would not have happened without Rachel for which I’m always grateful.

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     By rsalinas88 0 0
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Sophie

I always knew I would be using advisors when submitting my apps. The question was, who to pick.

I went with Veritas upon recommendation from a very close friend that got accepted into Stanford. He said by far they were the best and shortly after having my first call with them it showed.

Sophie is an AMAZING consultant and she made sure that my essays, curriculum and interview was top notch. I´m really serious when saying she was the differentiating factor between me getting accepted or denied. She has a great way of communicating, giving constructive feedback and fantastic suggestions on how to improve the application. Sophie stayed on top of the important dates and made sure I had everything ready days before the deadline and since we talked constantly I never felt overwhelmed as the due dates came closer.

I´ve heard from friends saying they had a horrible experience with another company and this NEVER happened to me. If I could do it again I would choose Veritas and Sophie all over again.

It may sound as a cliche, but ended up the whole app process with a great new friend.

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     By admithopeful 2 0
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Rachel Shelton

Rachel was the lead consultant for my 3 school package. She is extremely knowledgeable and knows what each school is looking for in their ideal candidate. She makes the application process as stress free as it can be. Don't be mistaken, you have to write your own essays, she does not write them for you but her direct and insightful feedback is priceless and once your incorporate her suggestions, draft after draft, you will be amazed at the transformation your work went through.

Rachel is extremely patient and genuinely cares about your success. She does not hesitate to let you know that the work you sent her is not up to the mark. Of course it's much better coming from her than from the adcom in the form of a rejection.

I am so glad to get to work with her. The result: 2 admits from my top choices!

You cannot go wrong with Rachel on your team. Call Veritas and request to work with her!

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Dia Draper A+
May 12 | 2017
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     By arossoreilly 0 0
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Dia Draper

I worked with Dia throughout my admissions process -- she was incredible. Dia helped me refine my story so that I was the most compelling version of myself when submitting applications and interviewing. I definitely did the work, but Dia was key in pointing me down the right path(s) and pushing me to do my homework. At different times she was cheerleader, coach, mentor, and speaker of hard truths.

Dia is busy (I think most consultants are) -- but she managed to stay organized and keep the details of my particular situation fresh in her head. She was always responsive and available on email, text, phone, etc. I can't recommend Dia highly enough!

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     By nitinjacobbiju 0 0
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Dia Draper

The applications to MBA schools are trickery. The winners are the students who choose and get admitted to the school which suite them best and where they ought to be. I was way off when i applied my first time. Although Dia from Veriats had clearly pointed me to the right direction she stuck with my personal choices. Even when i was rejected by all, her encouragement helped me beyond words can express. Finally when i got admitted to the school which best suites my profile all her words feel like gospel now. The veritas team is the best: they are not adamant or choosy but guide all students who come to them without any regard to the time spent or resources they invest. Working with them was FANTASTIC. I can vouch that their methodology in which each school's application is scrutinized by school specific experts and all the other members examining the application is really good. They are very result oriented rather than reosurce minded.

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     By jyt17 0 0
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Sophie

I chose the 5 school package from Vertias Prep to cover all the schools that I was interested in. I was paired with Sophie as my head consultant and working with her was an absolutely wonderful experience. I had a few weak points in my application and as I was applying to the most selective MBA programs (all within the top 10), I wanted to make sure that I was putting in my best effort. It has definitely paid off! I got admitted to my dream school and will be attending this coming fall.

I believe Sophie and her guidance helped me get admitted to my top choice MBA program in three distinct ways.

1. Narrowing down the ideas and life stories into meaningful anecdotes:
I knew I wanted to apply to an MBA program in the beginning of the year and had the luxury of starting my sessions with Sophie in April. We were able to spend the first couple of months exploring ideas and wrote numerous drafts that drilled down into different facets of my life. When the essay prompts actually came out, it was only a matter of refining the tone and grounding the ideas into a relevant theme. It made a huge difference in helping me juggle all my other commitments with the stress of applying to business school.

2. Keeping me on track and sticking to a schedule:
Sophie and I had a regular weekly meeting scheduled throughout the 9 month duration. Not only was she always prompt in her feedback but also made sure to set up intermittent deadlines in order to space out the work load into manageable chunks. If it had not been for the ongoing discussions and check-ins, I would have aimlessly tweaked the essays without the confidence that they were ready for submission

3. Honest, critical feedback:
The one thing that I found with family and friends that were reading my applications is that many were not critical enough. With Sophie, we established early on that her feedback would be critical and constructive. I had a tendency to be verbose and colloquial in my writing, and that was caught and corrected. We even edited out entire passages that we had worked on for weeks as it did not ultimately fit in with the narrative. Without Sophie's decisive suggestions my essays would have suffered.

Overall, Sophie and the school package from Veritas Prep was a great choice. I honestly believe she has made the difference in my getting accepted and helped me in my path to business school.

P.S: The GMAT prep program that comes with the school package is the only GMAT help you will need. I took the online courses and a few practice tests over the course of a month and got a GMAT in the mid 700's (above the average of all my schools).

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     By Dan_SH 0 0
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Taniel Chan

About Taniel:

I had an absolutely amazing time working with Taniel, and he is the most responsible and caring advisor that I have ever worked with. It's amazing how much time he devotes to my application given all his other commitments. He always provides very high-quality and timely feedback, and he is highly responsive even when he is traveling on a different continent! I cannot remember a single time when he doesn't respond within 24 hours. And when I am confused about his feedback, he is always willing to hop on the phone to make clarifications.

He is clearly very experienced with the b-school process and has unique insights into the program I was applying to. I think the best thing about Taniel is that he doesn't just say something is not right, but he discusses with me and helps me figure out what is right and how I can improve. During this process, I always feel like I am in good hands and it's amazing to see how my application has evolved!

B-school application can be stressful, but Taniel always checks in to see how I feel about this process and gives me a lot of encouragement. He respects my schedule and never rushes me, and I can always work in a pace that I feel comfortable with.

Although I didn't end up getting into the program I was applying to, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Taniel. I can't imagine working with a better school consultant and I would recommend him to my friends without any reservation!

Veritas Prep Team:

Veritas Prep has a very professional client service team. They always reply to my inquiries in a very timely and professional manner. Once I had some technical difficulties accessing some of the gmat prep materials online, and they gave me all the practice tests for free!

School Specialist:

I am very sorry to say that my interaction with my school specialist was below my expectations. I did my first strategy call with her only two weeks before the application deadline, and that was after I reached out to Veritas Prep team myself. She offered some very good advice on campus visits and recommendation strategies , but unfortunately they were no longer helpful at such a late stage of the application process. From the school package description online, I thought school specialist would be pretty involved in my application, but our interaction was limited to a 45 minute strategy call and one essay edit. I was turned down when I asked for additional essay feedback because she said it would be unfair to other clients. Apparently school specialists are only expected to make a 1 hour strategy call, one essay edit and one mock interview for each client. Maybe this was my bad, but from reading the package descriptions online, I had no idea that the help from school specialist would be so tangential.

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     By ohdarren 0 0
This review is for: Veritas Prep School Packages
Consultant: Blake Street

- Received admission with scholarship from Haas (target school, engaged Blake as the consultant).
- Beside, received the offer from 3 out 4 schools applied

I pondered the question whether i should engage consultant for long time too. From my experience, that will help if you face the same challenge as I used to:
- No experience on American school application which look at the holistic overview of candidate, not just based on the score/test result
- Being too humble (yes im serious, this is a typical East Asian 'problem' that I discovered thru consultation sessions)
- Also, please dont expect your consultant to be essays writers. They are there to help you discover ourselves by giving advice and asking right questions, knowing yourself very well will be the key to pass the Interview.

Blake was my main consultant for Haas application, who was exceptional in any aspect and had a great understanding on international student from Asia like me:
1. He was not just an admission consultant, more like a career coach
- If you make up your mind and go for consultation service, my advice is: engage early.
- Blake at the start spent time to make sure i was clear about my career goal, and encouraged me to fill in the gap since we had about 5 months away from deadline. I think it was the deciding factor of my success

2. Blake gave courage
- I was struggling to get >720 GMAT score at first (the Haas average: 717). Honestly, every time I failed, the call with Blake made me feel much better and picked myself up for another trial.
- One time Blake had a hear-to-heart conversation with me, when he recalled his own struggle with GMAT. I thought it was very touching: and at the next time i finally got 730 after 4 times of trying.

3. Blake asked great questions
- I think this is the greatest quality of a consultant: help us to discover mistake, be better by asking us questions
- By asking right questions: he helped me to discover a better way to handle the essay question, be crystal clear about WHAT and WHY Ive done, doing and will do things. Guys, it's super important so I need to repeat it twice: with clear understanding not just WHAT but WHY, you will ace your interview easily.

Nitin was my second consultant for application review and mock interview. I would like to recommend Nitin for 2 reasons:
1. Nitin gives professional feedback
- Although I have gone through the application and mock interviews with lots of my friends, none could be compared to Nitin as he gave much more constructive and very practical feedback
- As the competition is tough, good feedback is more important than anything else

2. Nitin always reminded me about the big picture
- Nitin came in as the final touch point before big day: application day or interview day, so he reminded me to take a step back and made sure i wouldn't lose my big picture: my long term and short term target, my strengths and i must focus on the strengths. Of course, he offered some examples on how I should do it.
- I think such advice is the key to differentiate me and other candidates.

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