Application Essay Questions: 2 Must-Know Tips on Answering them Right

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The best way to ace your application essays or personal statements is to ANSWER THE ESSAY QUESTIONS. This may sound like an easy feat, yet so often applicants go into the essay writing process with ulterior motives: to write their preconceived essays based only loosely on the given essay topics.

Newsflash: No matter how compelling and well-written your essays are, if they don't answer the questions as they are presented to you on the application, they will not impress the admissions committee—or at least not in the way you want them to.

Your challenge is two-fold: to understand exactly what each essay question is asking, and to answer the question in the most compelling and impressive fashion.

To meet the challenge, I recommend that you keep the following in mind:

  • Each school asks different questions; therefore, each essay you draft should be unique to each essay question and to each program. While you may be able to adapt essays from one school to another, keep in mind that adaptation is not the same as recycling (i.e. DO NOT copy and paste). Adcoms can usually tell the difference between a recycled essay and an essay answers their question—and they certainly prefer the latter.
  • Whether you're applying to business school, grad school, law school, med school, or college, you will need to prove that you are an ideal match, or "fit," with your chosen school. Be sure to research each program you apply to and to envision yourself at that particular school—on its campus, in its classrooms, interacting with its professors, etc.—while drafting your essay. If you want the adcoms to believe you will be an irreplaceable fixture in their next class, then you'll have to convince them that your ideals and goals are one with theirs.

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Good luck with your applications…and answer those questions directly. Effectively. ~ Helping You Write Your Best

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