GMAT Question of the Day (Mar 15): Statistics and Critical Reasoning

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Math (DS)

If sets S and T are united into a single set, will the mean of this set be smaller than the sum of means of sets S and T ?

1. S and T are one-element sets
2. Neither set S nor set T contains negative numbers

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Verbal (CR)

The average age of chief executive officers in a large sample of companies is 57.The average age of CEO's in those same companies 20 years ago was approximately eight years younger. On the basis of those data,it can be concluded that CEO's in general tend to be older now.

Which of the following casts the most doubt on the conclusion drawn above?

(A) The dates when the CEO's assumed their current positions have not been specified.
(B) No information is given concerning the avg no of years that CEO's remain in office.
(C) The information is based only on companies that have been operating for at least 20 years.
(D) Only approximate information is given concerning the avg age of the CEO's 20 years ago.
(E) Information concerning the exact number of companies in the sample has not been given.

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