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MIchigan Ross "11th Place for Finance"

A quick glance at Michigan Ross currently ranks in 13th place as one of the best business schools, according to US News & World Report (March 2012). It is ranked in 11th place for finance.

Ross’s Class of 2014

This year’s incoming class had 502 people in it. The average GMAT score was 703 and the class has an average undergraduate GPA of 3.4. The average number of years of work experience for the class of 2014 is 5 years.

26% of the class of 2014 students have undergraduate degrees in engineering; 24% in business; 21% in humanities/social sciences; 15% in economics; 5% each in math/physical sciences and computer science; and 4% in other areas.

Ross Academics Related to Finance

First-year students take required core courses during their first 3 terms (each year consists of 4 terms). (See a list of required courses here.)

A highlight of the Ross curriculum (not specific to finance students) is the Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP) course. This required first-year spring semester (term Winter B) course provides opportunities for students to work on collaborative projects for a global, hands-on, action-based, real-life experience.

2012 projects that would interest finance students include conducting a feasibility study for the Acumen Fund, promoting market liquidity for the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, accessing potential candidates for a specialization initiative at JPMorgan Chase & Co., developing risk assessment at Piper Jaffray & Co., and others.

Year 2 students choose electives in their functional area and in other areas. Electives offered in the finance subject area include:

FIN 615 - Valuation
FIN 614 - International Financial Management II
FIN 624 - Private Equity Finance
FIN 637 - Finance and the Sustainable Enterprise
FIN 513 - Financial Analysis
FIN 621 - Corporate Financial Policy
FIN 630 - Corporate Control
FIN 631 - Risk Management in Banks and Financial Institutions
FIN 633 - Securitization
FIN 645 - Advanced Valuation Techniques
FIN 725 - Applied Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management
FIN 525 - Introduction to Portfolio Management
FIN 609 - Fixed Income Securities and Markets
FIN 612 - International Financial Management I
FIN 614 - International Financial Management II
FIN 618 - Derivative Instruments
FIN 640 - Financial Trading
FIN 566 - Real Estate Finance and Investment I
FIN 567 - Real Estate Finance and Investment II
FIN 623 - Venture Capital Finance
FIN 580 - Options and Futures in Corporate Decision Making
FIN 608 - Capital Markets and Investment Strategy
FIN 629 - Financing Research Commercialization
FIN 647 - Corporate Financial Strategy
FIN 565 - Real Estate Development



Michigan Ross Finance Clubs

Finance Club (MBA)
Accounting Club
Alternative Investments Club
Entrepreneur & Venture Club
Financial Derivatives and Risk Management Club
Global Investments Club
Investment Management Club
Michigan Investment Banking Club
Real Estate Club
Ross Portfolio Management
TAMID Israel Investment Group

Finance Hiring Stats at Michigan Ross

The chart below shows the hiring stats for 2012 MBA careers with finance functions:

Function Percent Base Salary Range ($) Median Signing Bonus ($)
Corporate Finance 8.5 60,000-130,000 20,000
Investment Banking 4.9 100,000-125,000 50,000
Sales & Trading 1.1 95,000-150,000 20,000
Other Finance 4.4 30,000-100,000 40,000


Job acceptances in the finance industry:

Industry Percent Base Salary Range ($) Median Signing Bonus ($)
Financial Services 7.4 82,000-125,000 40,000
Investment Banking 5.5 65,000- 150,000 40,000


For 2012 interns, the job function breakdown is:

Function Percent Annualized Base Salary Range ($)
Corporate Finance 7.6 30,000-114,000
Investment Banking 6 60,000-150,000
Investment Management 1.3 42,000-105,000
Other Finance (Private Client Services/Wealth Management -1.5% and Private Equity - 1.5%) 5.1 18,000-120,000


And for internships in the finance industry:

Industry Percent Annualized Base Salary Range ($)
Financial Services 7.8 46,152 - 125,004
Investment Banking 6.5 18,000-150,000


Top hirers include:

• PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP – 10 hires/9 interns
• Citi – 9 hires
• Ernst & Young LLP – 8 hires
• Goldman Sachs Group – 8 interns

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