The Lauder Institute Changes to Reflect the World

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Listen to the show to learn about The Lauder Institute. Passionate about international business? Then this episode is going to make your day.

Dr. Marcy Bevan and Kara Keenan Sweeney, Directors of Admission at the Lauder Institute joined us for the first Admissions Straight Talk conversation of the new year to share the scoop on this unique, rigorous, and exciting program.

An Overview of the Program (1:26)
The Lauder Institute is a 30-year-old joint degree program where a student earns an MBA from the Wharton School or a JD from Penn Law as well as an MA in International Studies from the Penn School of Arts and Sciences. The 24-month program begins in May of each year with one month on campus followed by a two-month immersion program in a region abroad.

What’s New at Lauder (2:40)
The class starting in May 2016 will be the first to have programs of concentration. Students apply to join one of 5 regional programs of concentration or a global option. This change is driven by the desire to produce students who are not just linguistic experts, but experts in issues that impact specific regions.

Language Matters  – one of the requirements for admissions… (5:00)
Language is still an important component of the program and there is an oral proficiency requirement for admission. For the global program, applicants need a “superior” command of a foreign language, and for the regional programs, applicants need “advanced” command of a language specific to the region. Students in the regional programs will continue studying language during their time at Lauder and superior command of a langue is a requirement for graduation.

More Changes (10:35)
Intercultural Ventures, 7-10 day immersion programs, which were previously optional, will now be required. There is a new core leadership course as well. From a student’s point of view, however, the program won’t feel much different than it has in the past.

An Intense Program for the Intellectually Curious (13:05)
The Wharton Lauder students are a self-selecting group of individuals who are dedicated to global interests and feel right at home among a group of hard working, global-minded students. Prior to acceptance, Lauder applicants also go through a rigorous application process.

The 8-Week Immersions (14:54)
In early June, the new Lauder students depart to their destinations throughout the world. The objective is for students to visit 3-4 countries during the program. Students can expect to spend about five weeks in a country that speaks the language they are studying at Lauder. During the immersions, students are exposed to variety of cultural, political, educational, and business experiences.

What do Lauder Grads Do? (20:25)
The traditional b-school favorites are popular at Lauder as well, with a recent increase in entrepreneurship. Here are what some cool alumni are working on: UN peacekeeping, making outdoor gear while supporting international charitable causes, and working for Conde Nast in Beijing.

The Lauder Application  (25:18)
In addition to the Wharton MBA application, Wharton/Lauder applicants need to address their international experience and language background. There is also an additional essay.

Penn Law School students apply after the first year of law school (there have never been more than 5 per class) and have the same requirements as Wharton/Lauder applicants.

The Journey of a Wharton Lauder Application (27:06)
A Lauder application is read by a second year student who is a trained reader and then by a Lauder staff member. An applicant who Wharton and Lauder agree to interview will join a Wharton Team-Based Discussion and a Lauder one-on-one interview with a current student or alum. Once Lauder decides which students they want to accept, the Lauder crew meets with Wharton to see if they agree.

The Lauder Interview (27:32)
The Lauder is a traditional, one-on-one, blind interview. The goal of the interview is to clarify what the applicant feels Lauder can bring to his or her educational and professional experiences, what the applicant can bring to Lauder and to provide evidence of international experience and interest. This is also an opportunity to show that you’ve really researched Lauder and are interested in the program for the right reasons.

What Makes You Excited About an Application (30:50)
Marcy loves the applicants who are excited to have found a program that seems to be designed just for them. Applicants who have traveled, worked outside the country, learned another language and have interests that go beyond business.

Final Words of Advice for Applicants (35:34)
Think about what you are going to school for before you apply. Do lots of research about the program. Know why you want the Lauder Institute education and what you’ll do with it. Come visit and attend information sessions!

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